Let's face it, coffee tables are no longer just flat surfaces used for putting your feet up and relaxing in front of the TV. If it's a foot rest you need then let's get you an ottoman-preferably a really dressy one! A coffee table, on the other hand, is the centerpiece of the living room, so let's get to work styling it! It might seem overwhelming because the options are endless, but we've put together a simple guideline to help you through the process.

  1. DECORATIVE TRAY Not only does it add an extra layer, a decorative tray is perfect for grouping all the smaller accessories and creating a cohesive look.

  2. FLORAL ARRANGEMENT Bring the outdoors in with an unusual vase full of fresh flowers. It's always a great way to add height and texture to any table! 

  3. STORAGE BOX A chic accent that's also functional! Ideal for extra storage or hiding the remote. 

  4. COASTER Take advantage of the more practical items and use them as your decorative objects. Love the look of these faux wood coasters! 

  5. COFFEE TABLE BOOK Use a nice book for decor. Stack a couple with an interesting object and you've got yourself a focal point.

  6. TALL VASE Create variety by adding tall elements to the mix. Grouping items, especially in odd numbers, will command more attention. 

  7. BOWL Include an item that has a contrasting shape. The round bowl helps break up the lines and who doesn't love a touch of gold. 

  8. MATCH HOLDER Such a sophisticated yet useful bit to incorporate with the rest of the scheme. Try finding elements that double as pretty and practical. 

  9. CANDLE Add a cozy atmosphere to your space with some candlelight. Combined with a fragrant smell and you're all set.

  10. QUIRKY OBJECT Use a random object collected from your travels or picked up from a flea market. Makes for a great conversational piece!

Remember to leave a little space on your coffee table once you have all your objects ready. Not for your feet, but for that coffee you'll be drinking while enjoying your beautifully styled table.