Elle T. Interior Design is a lifestyle design company based out of Los Angeles with an office in San Diego. The founders, Talin Johnas, Noelle Meza, and Tina Johnas specialize in Residential, Nursery, and Event Design. This design trio met in college while obtaining degrees in Interior Design and Family & Consumer Science. Before establishing their own studio, they each worked in several areas of the the Interior Design industry from prominent trade showrooms to apprenticing in the most prestigious Architectural & Interior Design firms known worldwide. After discovering their love of collaborating & equal obsession with all things design, Elle T. Interior Design was born.

Talin is the dreamer in the group and approaches every design work with her imagination as her only limit. She can conceptualize any space, both decorative and inviting. Talin is passionate and intuitive about each project and always inspiring the team to push their ideas way beyond your typical square box. 

 A true artist, Tina has the ability to bring all their ideas to life by producing architectural drawings, hand renderings, and creative detailing. She is the coordinator and scheduler, humming all the projects together perfectly.  Organized and precise, Tina ensures a polished and smooth design experience. 

Noelle has a natural talent that brings a new meaning to having an eye for design. She pursues design with function and beauty in mind, artfully combining textiles, textures, and color palettes. Through her creative vision, Noelle is the tip of the design triangle that defines the shape of this group. 

Elle T. is a creative, fresh, and personal approach to design. The team strives to combine everlasting charm, modern coziness, and a hint of California chic into each project. Elle T. is dedicated to creating extraordinary spaces that are absolutely custom, reflecting the taste and lifestyle of their clients, while paying close attention to every detail and celebrating the many styles of design.