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Welcoming a baby is an exciting time surrounded by family & friends ready to celebrate and help you stock up on all your must-have baby essentials. A Baby Registry used to be a one-stop shop for basic baby items and supplies. Elle T. wants to help you plan a different kind of Registry, where guests can help you create the nursery of your dreams! Guests can browse your personalized Registry profile and choose from a variety of items that have been selected by us and approved by you. From the crib to the changing table, the wallpaper or even the nursery artwork. Gift cards also available. Designing your baby-to-be's nursery can be a fun & creative process, and with the right help, it can turn into the most stylish room in the house! 

How it works?

Design your dream nursery with Elle T. 

Display your favorite items in your personalized Registry profile.

Invite your friends & family to help make your vision come to life!

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5 reasons you'll love our  nursery registrY!

  1. Easy-to-use & free Registry service.

  2. Convenient & creative way of gift-giving.

  3. Friends & family have a hand in creating the Nursery.

  4. Sit back & relax while your Designer room comes together.

  5. Enjoy a room where your little one can imagine, play, & grow!