FENG SHUI: Home office

Today we're talking about feng shui, pronouned  {fuhng shwey} you know that fancy word you hear a lot of designers use when describing a furniture layout or design plan...guilty! Feng shui is a Chinese philosophy of harmonizing or balancing the energies in any given space. Although, it sounds complicated, we've broken it down to the basic guidelines and we're using our latest office project as a quick reference. 

Position: The most important aspect when designing any space and usually the one factor that is constantly overlooked. We have a perfect example with the office layout BEFORE, which has the desk positioned in the wrong direction with our client facing the wall and having her back towards the door. In Feng Shui, you always want to have the "commanding position". Meaning, you want to face the opening of the room and have a view of your entire surroundings. By moving the desk in front of the built-in, our client will now be able to see all and feel more secure in their new power position. 

Clutter: Stay clutter free by keeping everything organized and getting rid of anything that is piled up. Try to put things away and hide all the extra cords and wires as much as you can. The mess around your desk is impacting you more than you think. All that clutter is adding negative energy to your space..so, clean up! 

Harmony: Create balance and harmony by using the 5 elements of Feng Shui.

  1. Fire: Burn a candle or use a task lamp to represent the most unpredictable element. The light will enhance and boost the energy in the space. 

  2. Metal: Create balance by incorporating a metal piece. In our design storyboard, we chose a gold bar cart. Not only does it help combine different textures, it's also oh-so-chic! 

  3. Water: Bring in a mirror or an artwork representing good old H20. In our plan, we decided to place a decorative mirror above the bar cart, which can also help reflect more light from the windows on the perpendicular wall. 

  4. Wood: Easiest element to integrate into your design because a lot of furniture pieces are made of wood. The accent chairs used in our seating area have stunning wood legs. 

  5. Earth: Natural greenery is a must, so don't forget to plop a plant somewhere in the room. Not only will it help soften any sharp corners and edges, it will also improve air quality. Study shows that the stuff we're breathing indoors can be just as bad as some outdoor pollutants...yuck! Luckily, there is a simple solution, just get your green thumb on! 

Images: Surround yourself with inspirational images and quotes. Positive artwork and imagery will keep you motivated and productive. And, you will feel more creative when having something aesthetically pleasing to look at everyday. 

Colors and Light: There are many different formulas in finding the right Feng Shui color, but our best advice is to choose a palette that depicts your personal style and taste. For this office design, we decided to keep everything very neutral, white increases clarity and focus, while adding bright pops of pink for a high-energy and playful tone. Just remember natural light is your friend, so try and bring it in as much as you can. Let that sun shine in and with that, a joyous workplace. 

Weekend Recap: Desert Getaway

Living in Los Angeles, we're lucky enough to have beaches, mountains, and the desert at our finger tips. So, when looking for a girlfriends getaway, we didn't have to look far. Palm Springs is an easy 2 hour drive that makes for a perfect weekend escape to unwind & recharge. With many boutique hotels to choose from, we found ourselves at the Avalon, a true gem in the desert! The rooms are impeccably designed, the grounds are stunning, and the staff could not be friendlier.. This place is the whole package, wrapped up in a beautifully bright yellow bow!

This hipster hotel perfectly embodies mid-century California chic & retro cool. The black, white, and sunflower scheme was to die for! 

An interior work of art, we had eye candy at every turn with the mix of styles, shapes, and patterns. Hanging lanterns for bedside lamps...genius!

"Cock your hat, angles are attitudes." - Sinatra 

Our sun-filled break was much needed, but there's more to explore in this jewel of a city and we can't wait for our next staycation!

Images: Avalon Palm Springs

Office Design: Posh Peanut Headquarters

They say creative people color outside the lines, take risks, dream big, and think with their hearts. This couldn't be more true when talking about Fiona Sahaki, founder of Posh Peanut, an online boutique with the most adorable & chic children's clothing and accessories. When we got the call to meet and chat with Fiona about designing her office for the company's new headquarters, we knew this project was going to challenge us and help us grow as designers and businesswomen. Fiona is a true example of a woman who can do it all and we were lucky enough to see it first hand.  She is one of the most stylish client's we've been lucky enough to work with, so creating a space that reflected her personality and her brand was a must! Scroll through for some highlights.  


We wanted the company logo to be the main focal point, so we took on the delicate task of hand painting it onto the cement block wall. Boy, was it harder than we thought, but totally worth the effort! The IKEA sideboard was the perfect size, but not the right color, so we performed a massive hack for a glam transformation

Flanking the sideboard with taller shelves gave the room some height and a few decor pieces filled up the space without overcrowding it. We used a popular DIY trick to upgrade the basic IKEA bookshelves by spraying a few coats of gold paint to brighten it up. 

Additional seating was important for team meetings and an upholstered bench cozied up the space. How gorgeous is that wall mirror? 

An ordinary desk chair was not an option, this boho beauty had to do! A turquoise peacock chair had Fiona written all over it. 

We loved how all the pieces came together in the end to make a happy and productive office space for one Posh #bosslady!

Bookcase Sideboard / Bench Rug Ottoman

Photos By Melody Melikian Photography

BACK TO SCHOOL: Cool College Dorms

Summer is almost over-I know we can hardly believe it...time is flying by! Students are heading out to college and for some it means moving out of their house and into a dorm room. Yes, a dorm room, the space almost as big as a walk-in closet where you will call home for the next year or two. But, don't panic...we're here to help! Check out our top 10 essentials for creating a stylish home away from home! 

  1. WOVEN TRELLIS: Removable wallpaper panels in a bright hue to transform your space and make a statement in the room. 

  2. FLEUR WALL PLAQUE: A wall decor to hang above your headboard. 

  3. MOROCCAN LEATHER POUF: Additional seating that will take up little space, but add a big punch.  

  4. CREME DE LA CREME DUVET COVER & PILLOWCASE SET: Fun printed bedding to make the room feel more luxurious without breaking the bank. 

  5. PELLO RUG: An area rug to bring warmth and coziness to an otherwise bleak area. 

  6. ELEMENTAL WALL ART: Love a chic print art that doubles as an educational tool. After all, we are in college! 

  7. TASK LAMP: Add layers of lighting for an extra glow in the room and to create an inviting mood. 

  8. MID-CENTURY SLOPE CHAIR: A stylish desk chair to pull the entire scheme together.  

  9. LUMISOURCE WRITING DESK: Simple and functional desk for a productive workspace. 

  10. DECORATIVE BINS SET OF 4: Decorative storage boxes to banish all the clutter in a visually appealing way. 

Now, Think Of The Happiest Things...

We can design nurseries all day long and never get tired. Throw in a theme & we're all over it! When our client told us she was a huge fan of Peter Pan, we were bursting with ideas! To create a room inspired by one of the most imaginative children's stories was a designer's dream. The challenge here was taking a stroll through Fantasyland with perfectly placed hints that didn't overpower the space. 

Our inspiration was the map of Neverland. We took distinct elements from the story and used it throughout the room; a wood grain wallpaper on the ceiling for the Lost Boy's Treehouse, a fisherman's net filled with plush toys for Mermaid Lagoon, and, of course, a hook on a garment rack for a villainous Captain.

We had a treasure chest nicely tuck away any games & toys and a wingback rocking chair to give the room a worldly style.  

Those memorable quotes from the story had to be incorporated somehow, so we had them line the wall along with a ship steering wheel as our focal point. 

Our Indian Village teepee was custom made, but we've sourced a similar one below. You can also check out this easy DIY tutorial to make your own. 

We wanted a calming coziness to fly through the room, so we played with different tones of ivory & gray with a pinch of Peter Pan green & Wendy blue. 

One of our favorite items in the room is the wooden alphabet block above the crib! We wanted to reference Peter in a bold way without overshadowing the tiny tot the room belonged to. Pun intended. 

Accessories that perfectly tied the adventure together included a jar of pixie dust, a vintage copy of the book, a golden Big Ben bookend, & how can we forget Tinker Bell's lantern? 

Love how switching out the hardware gave this dresser a custom look! We mixed in two styles using ornate keys for the top drawers & brass metal knobs with globe illustration for the rest. We obsessed over the details on this piece, especially those peg legs!

The best part of designing a little room is when we get to take a Disney classic & bring that story to life. In the end you have a stylish room that kids will love & a space of their own where they can { never } grow up. 

Rocker // Rug// Lighting // Shelves // Teepee // Alphabet Block 

Photos By Melody Melikian Photography