Top 5 Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer

One of the many questions we get asked all the time is-Why should I hire an Interior Designer? It's a totally valid question, so we thought we'd share a list of our top 5 reasons hiring a Designer can actually be beneficial for you! 

  1. Save Money: There are so many misconceptions when it comes to Interior Designers and the biggest one is you have to be super wealthy to hire us or spend a ton of money once you do. Quite the contrary, we are actually here to help you save money! True, we come with a design fee, but this covers your chances of making any design mistakes that usually end up being very costly. We guide you in the right direction, so you're spending your money efficiently. 

  2. Design Expertise: Space planning is the key to all of our designs. Having the perfect layout makes any room in a house function properly and harmoniously. We are trained problem solvers. When you hire a Designer you are hiring professionals who will create a space that will be practical as well as aesthetically appealing. We help define your design style and tell your visual story while bringing a fresh perspective. Designer's are encouraged to think outside of the box, which means creating unique ideas that will give your space that "wow" factor! 

  3. Planning & Budgeting: Time is the biggest factor here. Designer's save you endless amount of time and effort you would be spending researching or even shopping for products. We will take care of each phase, including budgeting. We manage everything accordingly and help keep you on track. 

  4. Project Management: Often times there are different vendors involved in the design process. You have your contractors, electricians, and various other professionals who are working on your home. We are essentially the middle man in the situation. We make sure all the the details are taken care of and that nothing slips through the cracks. We will ask the questions and coordinate the entire project if need be. 

  5. Resources: It's no secret that Designer's have connections to "trade only" resources. By hiring a Designer, you are gaining access to these industry contacts, merchandise, and pricing.

Interior Design is a tricky field with many who prefer to decorate themselves. But, here's a little tip-If you want your house to look the best it can be, bring in someone with a trained eye that will help zero in on all your design goals and wants...Now to find someone like that? ;) When you do decide to go pro with either an e-design package or full-service, we're confidant you'll love the end results!


Pack a bag: { Dallas, Texas }

A quick trip to Dallas, Texas had us falling in love with this metropolitan meets country town. The artsy and hipster vibe was right up our alley and we couldn't get enough of the friendly locals, the eclectic spaces, and quirky design details! Here is just a quick recap of our adventures down South..

We stayed at the über stylish NYLO Hotel, which took industrial style and urban living to the next level. This beautiful brick building was complete with exposed ceilings, unfinished walls, factory windows, and vintage finds. The rooms had a nice juxtaposition of concrete floors with warm color palettes of plum and cranberry. Definitely had us inspired! Our favorite was the graffiti covered piano that greeted us in the lobby with a stunning crystal chandelier above! 

Visiting cute coffee shops are always on top of our list of things to do and the one across our hotel didn't disappoint! We could have spent all day here and it wasn't just for their cold brew. This cafe by day, open mic by night was adorned with some of the most interesting art around and that souther hometown feel we love!

You can't visit Texas without a trip to the State Fair for some carnival fun and, of course, all things fried!! 

The Bishop Arts District was the highlight of our trip with tons of charming shops and bars. Here's where you'll find the best neighborhood eats including Oddfellows, Lockhard Smoke House, & Emporium Pies-the pies were out of this world! 

A truck yard with outrageously cooky decor, a treehouse bar, and delicious food and drinks. This deserted lot was converted into the coolest backyard with rotating food trucks and musical was quite the attraction and definitely a must see. So, it's true what they say-things are bigger in Texas and we sure did have big fun! 



Let's face it, coffee tables are no longer just flat surfaces used for putting your feet up and relaxing in front of the TV. If it's a foot rest you need then let's get you an ottoman-preferably a really dressy one! A coffee table, on the other hand, is the centerpiece of the living room, so let's get to work styling it! It might seem overwhelming because the options are endless, but we've put together a simple guideline to help you through the process.

  1. DECORATIVE TRAY Not only does it add an extra layer, a decorative tray is perfect for grouping all the smaller accessories and creating a cohesive look.

  2. FLORAL ARRANGEMENT Bring the outdoors in with an unusual vase full of fresh flowers. It's always a great way to add height and texture to any table! 

  3. STORAGE BOX A chic accent that's also functional! Ideal for extra storage or hiding the remote. 

  4. COASTER Take advantage of the more practical items and use them as your decorative objects. Love the look of these faux wood coasters! 

  5. COFFEE TABLE BOOK Use a nice book for decor. Stack a couple with an interesting object and you've got yourself a focal point.

  6. TALL VASE Create variety by adding tall elements to the mix. Grouping items, especially in odd numbers, will command more attention. 

  7. BOWL Include an item that has a contrasting shape. The round bowl helps break up the lines and who doesn't love a touch of gold. 

  8. MATCH HOLDER Such a sophisticated yet useful bit to incorporate with the rest of the scheme. Try finding elements that double as pretty and practical. 

  9. CANDLE Add a cozy atmosphere to your space with some candlelight. Combined with a fragrant smell and you're all set.

  10. QUIRKY OBJECT Use a random object collected from your travels or picked up from a flea market. Makes for a great conversational piece!

Remember to leave a little space on your coffee table once you have all your objects ready. Not for your feet, but for that coffee you'll be drinking while enjoying your beautifully styled table. 


We probably sound like a broken record, but we just LOVE designing nurseries and little rooms! We find so much joy in creating a space that is whimsical and imaginative, but ridiculously chic all in one. Gone are the days where you match everything in your baby room, or stick to shades of blue for boys and pink for girls. Instead, nurseries have become the chicest room in the house and a place to show off your design style. It's also a perfect time to try out new trends and simply have fun! 



From rustic to modern, gender neutral to a safari, the possibilities are endless. We're a sucker for an out-of-the-box theme, but we never want to saturate the room with it. Rather, we combine different pieces and add unexpected details that bring the theme to life. The nurseries we design do have one thing in common and that is allowing a space where the baby can grow into for years and years. As we're getting ready to present our latest nursery project to our clients, we thought we would take a look back at some of our favorite storyboards and get inspired!










camping nursery

camping nursery



safari nursery

safari nursery

Happy Work Day: Dress Up Your Desk!

We talked feng-shui and the importance of a harmonized and balanced office, now, let's accessorize! As we mentioned, the space we spend majority of our time in has serious effects on our psyche, our well being, and, most importantly, our creative juices. Whether you go into an office everyday or work from home, an organized desk is proven to increase productivity, efficiency, and profitability. A cluttered desk is a cluttered mind. And, who doesn't want to work in style? So we've rounded up our favorite desk accessories from past projects and some new items to help dress up your workspace!

Elle T. Studio 

White Trays Gold Stapler / Acrylic Business Card Holder

Melody Melikian Home Office

Mail Sorter Pencil Sharpener / Acrylic Tray / The Design Book

Posh Peanut Headquarters

  1. Day Designer: This super chic planner for the ultra organized person is a great size to carry around and it's perfect for jotting down notes to help keep track of all the small details. 

  2. Assorted Pens: A ballpoint pen and some sweet talk? We're in! Love the punch of color and that gold tip is everything!

  3. Nate Berkus Clipboard: A mod white board to display inspirational images and a great addition to a decorative wall. Photos can be displayed and changed out regularly. 

  4. Eraser Pencil Cup: We love creative storage solutions and this wacky pencil holder is adorable and functional. 

  5. Bridge City Blooms Mousepad: This gorgeous pattern is sure to make a happy home for your mouse and beautify your workspace. 

  6. Thank You Cards: The art of handwritten notes are not lost and with endless design options, it adds a whole lot of lovely to your thoughtful message and to your space.

  7. Tin Candles: Looking for something that looks and smells good, then these candles will give your desk the ultimate upgrade. They burn clean & bright. 

  8. Margo Rectangle Tray: Keeping a tray on your desk will help you stay organized and this bold motif adds the perfect punch of color.

  9. Task Lamp: Take advantage of color & light every chance you get. A task lamp with adjustable arms will help you direct the light and some drool worthy seafoam adds pretty to the tabletop.  

  10. Kill Them With Kindness Paperweight: Because we all have bad days, but here is a nice reminder to treat the world better than it's treated you. 

Photos By: Melody Melikian Photography