Pack a bag: { Sydney, Australia}

Ask us about Australia and we will tell you it is one of THE most beautiful places in the world! We've been lucky enough to have traveled to this gorgeous country twice and that sentiment has remained the same. We love the land of Oz! The people, the food, the sites, the sounds...we love it all. 


It has taken us a few weeks to write this blog because we've been dreading going through photos and memories while missing our family out there and the experiences we had together. {HELLO to our amazing family Down Under!}    

But, we managed to pull ourselves together to give you a little peek...

Our 5 star accommodations at our cousin's home-where we were spoiled rotten! We couldn't get enough of family, the view, and the oysters. ha! 

We rang in 2016 early since Australia is one of the first to celebrate the New Year-after New Zealand. So, with the time difference on that side of earth, we technically had 364 days in 2015 and repeated a day in 2016. Crazy! Sydney is known for their New Year's Eve fireworks and witnessing it in person was definitely on our bucket list. It turned out to be the best New Year celebration we've ever had, surrounded by family & friends and that killer vantage point. It did not disappoint!

The FOOD! The COFFEE! The SWEETS! Every meal could have been our last. 

We had to squeeze in a little bit of adventure between all the eating, so we found ourselves in the Blue Mountains, a less than 2 hour ride from Sydney. This natural park is a blue hazed beauty with stunning look outs, scenic walks, and attractions. Getting lost through the eucalyptus forest and experiencing this magical place was one of the many highlights from our trip.  

Oh, hello there Opera House. These architectural gems were more breathtaking up close! We didn't get a chance to climb to the top of the Bridge, but we did get a private boat tour of the harbor-Thanks Jimmy! 

Seafood, seafood, and more seafood! From your traditional fish n' chips to grilled prawns, no one does seafood better than Australia. We spent our last night having the most beautiful dinner at a restaurant right on the beach at Watsons Bay. The perfect way to cap off an unbelievable week in Sydney. 

After our first trip in 2009, we were convinced the two of us would be moving to Australia. This time around, we came back with our hearts equally full and already counting down the days until we can visit again.. with a one-way ticket. Ha!

But, Sydney isn't the only city we love. Up next, Melbourne and the Gold Coast. Stay tuned.