Happy Work Day: Dress Up Your Desk!

We talked feng-shui and the importance of a harmonized and balanced office, now, let's accessorize! As we mentioned, the space we spend majority of our time in has serious effects on our psyche, our well being, and, most importantly, our creative juices. Whether you go into an office everyday or work from home, an organized desk is proven to increase productivity, efficiency, and profitability. A cluttered desk is a cluttered mind. And, who doesn't want to work in style? So we've rounded up our favorite desk accessories from past projects and some new items to help dress up your workspace!

Elle T. Studio 

White Trays Gold Stapler / Acrylic Business Card Holder

Melody Melikian Home Office

Mail Sorter Pencil Sharpener / Acrylic Tray / The Design Book

Posh Peanut Headquarters

  1. Day Designer: This super chic planner for the ultra organized person is a great size to carry around and it's perfect for jotting down notes to help keep track of all the small details. 

  2. Assorted Pens: A ballpoint pen and some sweet talk? We're in! Love the punch of color and that gold tip is everything!

  3. Nate Berkus Clipboard: A mod white board to display inspirational images and a great addition to a decorative wall. Photos can be displayed and changed out regularly. 

  4. Eraser Pencil Cup: We love creative storage solutions and this wacky pencil holder is adorable and functional. 

  5. Bridge City Blooms Mousepad: This gorgeous pattern is sure to make a happy home for your mouse and beautify your workspace. 

  6. Thank You Cards: The art of handwritten notes are not lost and with endless design options, it adds a whole lot of lovely to your thoughtful message and to your space.

  7. Tin Candles: Looking for something that looks and smells good, then these candles will give your desk the ultimate upgrade. They burn clean & bright. 

  8. Margo Rectangle Tray: Keeping a tray on your desk will help you stay organized and this bold motif adds the perfect punch of color.

  9. Task Lamp: Take advantage of color & light every chance you get. A task lamp with adjustable arms will help you direct the light and some drool worthy seafoam adds pretty to the tabletop.  

  10. Kill Them With Kindness Paperweight: Because we all have bad days, but here is a nice reminder to treat the world better than it's treated you. 

Photos By: Melody Melikian Photography