Now, Think Of The Happiest Things...

We can design nurseries all day long and never get tired. Throw in a theme & we're all over it! When our client told us she was a huge fan of Peter Pan, we were bursting with ideas! To create a room inspired by one of the most imaginative children's stories was a designer's dream. The challenge here was taking a stroll through Fantasyland with perfectly placed hints that didn't overpower the space. 

Our inspiration was the map of Neverland. We took distinct elements from the story and used it throughout the room; a wood grain wallpaper on the ceiling for the Lost Boy's Treehouse, a fisherman's net filled with plush toys for Mermaid Lagoon, and, of course, a hook on a garment rack for a villainous Captain.

We had a treasure chest nicely tuck away any games & toys and a wingback rocking chair to give the room a worldly style.  

Those memorable quotes from the story had to be incorporated somehow, so we had them line the wall along with a ship steering wheel as our focal point. 

Our Indian Village teepee was custom made, but we've sourced a similar one below. You can also check out this easy DIY tutorial to make your own. 

We wanted a calming coziness to fly through the room, so we played with different tones of ivory & gray with a pinch of Peter Pan green & Wendy blue. 

One of our favorite items in the room is the wooden alphabet block above the crib! We wanted to reference Peter in a bold way without overshadowing the tiny tot the room belonged to. Pun intended. 

Accessories that perfectly tied the adventure together included a jar of pixie dust, a vintage copy of the book, a golden Big Ben bookend, & how can we forget Tinker Bell's lantern? 

Love how switching out the hardware gave this dresser a custom look! We mixed in two styles using ornate keys for the top drawers & brass metal knobs with globe illustration for the rest. We obsessed over the details on this piece, especially those peg legs!

The best part of designing a little room is when we get to take a Disney classic & bring that story to life. In the end you have a stylish room that kids will love & a space of their own where they can { never } grow up. 

Rocker // Rug// Lighting // Shelves // Teepee // Alphabet Block 

Photos By Melody Melikian Photography