Temporary { Wallpaper } : Yes, please!

Wallpaper is back in style ( not sure if it was ever out ) , but it's becoming a staple  in home decor and we're seeing more and more creative and inexpensive ways of using it throughout the house. From metallic to textured, plain to multicolored,  contemporary patterns to florals, there is a design for everybody. Wallpaper is a must for all of our projects and there are no rules to where you can use it. Today, you can hang wallpaper in bathrooms, bookcases, panels, stairs, ceilings, and more. The possibilities are endless and just like that it can update any space into a stylish statement. The newest trend in the market is temporary wallpaper, a renter's dream, and we could not wait to get our hands on it!

For our latest big girl's room, we created a decorative wall using the most irresistible Gold Peonies Print. And, the paper...you guessed it...temporary and totally removable! 

Renting doesn't mean you have to live with bland walls! Companies are coming up with a variety of trendy options to choose from, just minus the glue and the commitment. 

Wallpaper adds a personal charm and makes any space swoon-worthy! Installing can seem daunting, but with some DIY tutorials it can quickly become addicting. Or, you can hire a professional, sit back, and watch your room transform!  

Here's our top 5 favorite temporary wallpapers: 

1. Chasing Paper-Peonies 

Who doesn't love Peonies, the "Queen" of all flowers? Peonies in gold, we're all over that! This paper is very similar to the one we used in the girl's room, but with a smaller scale motif for a bolder statement. 

2. Hygge & West - Daydream (Green) 

There's something so "dreamy" about this print with it's perfectly fluffy hand-drawn clouds and mint green birds. We've seen this paper used all over the place and can't decide where we love it the most...nursery, laundry room, powder room, we'll take it all!

3. Graham & Brown - Poppies Red Flower 

Watercolor flowers are becoming a popular design in logos, invitations, and wallpapers. We can just pictures this gorgeous paper inside kitchen cabinets, dresser drawers, or in a walk-in closet. 

4. Swag Paper - Distressed Chevron 

Your classic chevron pattern with a twist! This "something blue" would look heavenly as an accent wall in any bedroom. The muted palette is a subtle change for those who aren't wedded to a particular style. 

5. Urban Outfitters - Grey Goose Feather 


Playrooms, dorms or even hallways. This sketchbook style feather print can pretty much go anywhere and we are just in love with it! 

Whether it's the temporary, indecisive, or permanent, walls need some love and there's sure to be a paper that will make it happy! 

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Photos By Melody Melikian Photography