Top 5 Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer

One of the many questions we get asked all the time is-Why should I hire an Interior Designer? It's a totally valid question, so we thought we'd share a list of our top 5 reasons hiring a Designer can actually be beneficial for you! 

  1. Save Money: There are so many misconceptions when it comes to Interior Designers and the biggest one is you have to be super wealthy to hire us or spend a ton of money once you do. Quite the contrary, we are actually here to help you save money! True, we come with a design fee, but this covers your chances of making any design mistakes that usually end up being very costly. We guide you in the right direction, so you're spending your money efficiently. 

  2. Design Expertise: Space planning is the key to all of our designs. Having the perfect layout makes any room in a house function properly and harmoniously. We are trained problem solvers. When you hire a Designer you are hiring professionals who will create a space that will be practical as well as aesthetically appealing. We help define your design style and tell your visual story while bringing a fresh perspective. Designer's are encouraged to think outside of the box, which means creating unique ideas that will give your space that "wow" factor! 

  3. Planning & Budgeting: Time is the biggest factor here. Designer's save you endless amount of time and effort you would be spending researching or even shopping for products. We will take care of each phase, including budgeting. We manage everything accordingly and help keep you on track. 

  4. Project Management: Often times there are different vendors involved in the design process. You have your contractors, electricians, and various other professionals who are working on your home. We are essentially the middle man in the situation. We make sure all the the details are taken care of and that nothing slips through the cracks. We will ask the questions and coordinate the entire project if need be. 

  5. Resources: It's no secret that Designer's have connections to "trade only" resources. By hiring a Designer, you are gaining access to these industry contacts, merchandise, and pricing.

Interior Design is a tricky field with many who prefer to decorate themselves. But, here's a little tip-If you want your house to look the best it can be, bring in someone with a trained eye that will help zero in on all your design goals and wants...Now to find someone like that? ;) When you do decide to go pro with either an e-design package or full-service, we're confidant you'll love the end results!