30th Birthday Brunch

It happened, we turned the big 3-O!

So, we decided to celebrate leaving our 20's by hosting a simple brunch with our closest girlfriends. After all, we needed a ton of mimosas to get through it. ha! Only kidding.. We still get carded, so that helps ease the pain.

With Spring just around the corner, we decided to let the flowers inspire the color scheme and overall look of the party. Boy, did it get bright! The happy pops of color spoke volumes of our emotions that day. Our hearts were bursting with gratitude and love. It was a beautiful way to start a new chapter in our lives and we can't wait to see what our 30's have in store!

Here's a look inside the party..

Pack a bag: { Sydney, Australia}

Ask us about Australia and we will tell you it is one of THE most beautiful places in the world! We've been lucky enough to have traveled to this gorgeous country twice and that sentiment has remained the same. We love the land of Oz! The people, the food, the sites, the sounds...we love it all. 


It has taken us a few weeks to write this blog because we've been dreading going through photos and memories while missing our family out there and the experiences we had together. {HELLO to our amazing family Down Under!}    

But, we managed to pull ourselves together to give you a little peek...

Our 5 star accommodations at our cousin's home-where we were spoiled rotten! We couldn't get enough of family, the view, and the oysters. ha! 

We rang in 2016 early since Australia is one of the first to celebrate the New Year-after New Zealand. So, with the time difference on that side of earth, we technically had 364 days in 2015 and repeated a day in 2016. Crazy! Sydney is known for their New Year's Eve fireworks and witnessing it in person was definitely on our bucket list. It turned out to be the best New Year celebration we've ever had, surrounded by family & friends and that killer vantage point. It did not disappoint!

The FOOD! The COFFEE! The SWEETS! Every meal could have been our last. 

We had to squeeze in a little bit of adventure between all the eating, so we found ourselves in the Blue Mountains, a less than 2 hour ride from Sydney. This natural park is a blue hazed beauty with stunning look outs, scenic walks, and attractions. Getting lost through the eucalyptus forest and experiencing this magical place was one of the many highlights from our trip.  

Oh, hello there Opera House. These architectural gems were more breathtaking up close! We didn't get a chance to climb to the top of the Bridge, but we did get a private boat tour of the harbor-Thanks Jimmy! 

Seafood, seafood, and more seafood! From your traditional fish n' chips to grilled prawns, no one does seafood better than Australia. We spent our last night having the most beautiful dinner at a restaurant right on the beach at Watsons Bay. The perfect way to cap off an unbelievable week in Sydney. 

After our first trip in 2009, we were convinced the two of us would be moving to Australia. This time around, we came back with our hearts equally full and already counting down the days until we can visit again.. with a one-way ticket. Ha!

But, Sydney isn't the only city we love. Up next, Melbourne and the Gold Coast. Stay tuned. 

STYLE GUIDE: Interior Design

Are you designing or redecorating your home and have no clue where to start? Well, you're in luck because we're here to help! First things first, we'll need to identify your design style before you even step foot inside a paint shop or furniture store. Okay, maybe that's a bit dramatic, but before we determine what your unique style is, let's define some of the more popular ones to help us narrow down our options and get inspired.


Transitional design is pretty much contemporary and traditional wrapped up in one comfortable, streamlined box. You get the best of both worlds! It's a medley of the warmth taken from traditional design with the cleaner lines and metallic finishes from it's counterpart. There is an emphasis on basic shapes and usually the go to color here is Beige. It's a fresh new take on your classic style, but with a modern twist. 


Industrial Modern

This style is the raw "unfinished" look that you basically find at every Starbucks location. Often times used in loft apartments, modern homes, or commercial spaces. A lot of exposed brick with steel and wood elements are used here and the features you would normally like to conceal are on fabulous display. You get that chic warehouse/factory look with a functional approach. 


If you love going to the beach then you'll love this next style. It will transport you to a bright and breezy seaside escape. Inspired by the ocean, this design reflects the spirit of Summer and being away on holiday. An airy and relaxed atmosphere is achieved with a neutral color palette dusted with shades of blue. Nautical elements along with some beachy motifs are sprinkled around to remind you of the sun, sand, and surf. 

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern has that fresh minimalistic approach to design that we just love. It's the style that we find the most popular and complimentary to other designs. Simple and functional shapes with elegant lines and contemporary patterns are key. 


This approach is more thoughtfully designed then one might think. It is blend of different elements with enough common ground, so it doesn't look like a complete disaster. Layered textiles and a whole lot of contrast with mix-and-match items define this style. It is one of the harder ones to achieve since you are a throw pillow away from creating chaos, but it sure is one of our favorite. 


A lot of you might think IKEA, but there is more to this design style then just a furniture store. It's best characterized by its simplicity and utilitarian lifestyle. It's a breakaway from the modernism movement with a very minimalistic look. It centers on a black and white aesthetic with plenty of natural wood and bright colors for accents. A Scandinavian interior is usually very light and fresh.  

Shabby Chic

Here is where we don't mind the look of some wear and tear! This cottage inspired style is the charmer in the bunch. Some distinctive features include muted colors, antique pieces, painted furniture with a traditional flair, and weathered wood. Just think Flea Market finds, which can make this style the most budget-friendly. 


Simple, clean, uncluttered. You'll notice an absence of decoration with the use of geometric shapes, clean lines, and asymmetry. Frequented by neutrals with pops of bold color, modern interiors are the most spacious with emphasis on industrial materials such as concrete and glass. It's safe to say this style doesn't fall under the family friendly category. 


By no means should you only stick to a single design style, but it's nice to get a sense of where you fit in. As designers, we like to mesh up different elements from each and make up our own style. For example, we've been known to blend transitional with shabby chic, which gives you transitional chic! Ha! As you were scrolling down, did you notice one you gravitated towards more? It's hard to pinpoint, but take note of what you like, find a common thread, and just have fun!

pumpkin spice & everything nice

So it's starting to get a little chilly around here, which means Fall is finally upon us! Yay! To celebrate our favorite season, we decided to share some fun decorating ideas for your home. 

Neutral Palette: There is something so fresh and unexpected with a neutral vignette for Fall. Love the combination of the cream, beige, and gray tones especially with distressed wood. A stylish swap from your classic color scheme.

Pumpkin Tablescape: Easiest way to add Fall to your home. We're obsessing over the antlers in this particular centerpiece and the white heirloom pumpkins are so chic! Cluster a few along with some votives and you are all set. 

Copper Accents: One of the biggest trends for Fall is our favorite warm metal that is making quite the statement and popping up everywhere. With it's orange tone, it makes for the perfect touch this season!

Fall Signage: Add a subtle hint with a fun printable and get creative. You can hang it above your mantel or incorporate it with a gallery wall.

Cozy Throws: Perfect way to cozy up your house for Fall. Comfy throws and blankets make the best addition and who doesn't like to snuggle up when it gets cold out!

Galleries: Inspiration for your walls

If there's one thing we love more than a show-stopping art piece, it's a gallery wall to go with it! The perfect little element to make a statement in a room while telling a story of who lives there. The best part-there are no real rules or "right way" to go about it. Although, it may seem like a daunting project, there are many inspirational photos out there to get you going. Check out our board GALLERY WALLS on Pinterest for some gorgeous examples. In the meantime, here are a few of our favorites..

Stunning art wall that mixes contemporary and abstract pieces with traditional ones, all the while maintaining a cohesive theme. 

Combining art with photographs is always a great way to make an impact! Love these galleries that have incorporated the different elements, including inspirational quotes. Hang your pieces on a blank wall or above a furniture piece and let it represent you and your style! 

You can transform any space in the house into a living gallery. The possibilities are endless from where you hang it to the number of frames you use. Mix and match finishes with different sizes and just have fun with it!

Images:  MYDOMAINE / Emily Henderson / POPSUGAR / Style Me Pretty / House & Homedomino / Rue Daily